Welcome to D6!

Historic Tenderloin

A metric ton of poop.
in 33 blocks.
Yeah. We're


An ongoing concern for all residents.
While large swaths of D6 are blighted by it, groups are hard at work to contain it.
If you see a 20-something wearing a hoodie, don't make eye contact, don't stop to talk.
A useful strategy is to keep your head down scrolling through Twitter on your iPhone while waiting for your Uber.


Looking for accomodations? Why not stay at the magestic Henry Hotel?

No Longer "One Tree"

Our community no longer has one tree.
Budding arborists ensure our trees are kept as healthy stumps.
And our succulent exchange program ensures
healthy vibrant little plants make their way from D6 planters to merchant pickup trucks in the Mission.

Auto Repair

Your premier destionation for all things cars.
Choose from over 100 different auto repair shops!
And did we mention,
no child living in D6 lives more than 100ft away from a major truck route!

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